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MotioninJoy ver 0.6.0004 available

Have got the Microsoft Code Signing certification

I finally got the Microsoft Code Signing certification from verisign today cost around USD$500-600/year.

For signing the MotioninJoy driver.If you Bluetooth dongle is compatible with MotioninJoy, please post your bluetooth dongle hardware ID(VID and PID) to our forums as third-partry USB function drivers must not install throught a compatible ID match(so we con't use one compatible ID to match all Bluetooth Dongle). 

PS3 Wireless Keypad on windows

The Version 0.6.0001 is available,you can download from

Click Here to check the upadate log.
  1. Install MotioninJoy please refer to

Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) on Windows

Finally I have got the Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) yesterday. 
I have paired it to my PC via Bluetooth.

Notice: Integrated with version 0.6.0001,Demo code upload to

Use motion sensor of dual shock 3 playing neverball

MotioninJoy version 0.6 alpha can downlaod it from
MotioninJoy v0.6 add the motion sensor in custom can remap the Front-tilt,Back-tilt,Left-tilt and Right-tilt to any game controller axis or mouse move or keyboard button....

Neverball is a 3D platform game similar to Super Monkey Ball.Neverball is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Ti

MotioninJoy ver 0.5 alpha available

NOTE: this version is for testing.
Add and improve some feature like

Uninstall preversion,refer to

The driver install function is integrated into ds3_tool. Because some one often forget run as administor.

Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) as a Generic HID

When connected by Bluetooth via MotionInJoy, the PlayStation Move will show up as a generic HID device with VID 8888, and PID 0308.

I have make a demo that can read the Motion controller input data and lighted the glowing ball.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Patch Released

Some one report some issue about MotioninJoy with Splinter Cell Conviction.
Ubisoft releases a new update for the PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Here are the changes:

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