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MotioninJoy ver 0.6.0004 available

  1. Dwonlaod link
  2. Fixed the BT auto disconnect on/off function.
  3. Fixed some clone(the third party) BT controllers can't hold  problem.(thanks provide the controller)
  4. Fixed some BT controller random move problem(maybe).
  5. Added PS2 controller support, need a converter like 

Have got the Microsoft Code Signing certification

I finally got the Microsoft Code Signing certification from verisign today cost around USD$500-600/year.

For signing the MotioninJoy driver.If you Bluetooth dongle is compatible with MotioninJoy, please post your bluetooth dongle hardware ID(VID and PID) to our forums as third-partry USB function drivers must not install throught a compatible ID match(so we con't use one compatible ID to match all Bluetooth Dongle). 

PS3 Wireless Keypad on windows

The Version 0.6.0001 is available,you can download from

Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) on Windows

Finally I have got the Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) yesterday. 
I have paired it to my PC via Bluetooth.

Notice: Integrated with version 0.6.0001,Demo code upload to

Use the attached files replace the Motioninjoy installed files.

Use motion sensor of dual shock 3 playing neverball

MotioninJoy version 0.6 alpha can downlaod it from
MotioninJoy v0.6 add the motion sensor in custom can remap the Front-tilt,Back-tilt,Left-tilt and Right-tilt to any game controller axis or mouse move or keyboard button....

MotioninJoy ver 0.5 alpha available

NOTE: this version is for testing.

Uninstall preversion,refer to

Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) as a Generic HID

When connected by Bluetooth via MotionInJoy, the PlayStation Move will show up as a generic HID device with VID 8888, and PID 0308.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Patch Released

Some one report some issue about MotioninJoy with Splinter Cell Conviction.
Ubisoft releases a new update for the PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Here are the changes:


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